[HQ] Taemin for Dazed & Confused 2048X1570
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Super Junior Official Site 

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hahahaha, anyways it’s 1AM I should go sleep :3

Goodnight! :3

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Weee me too it’s been bora since the begining but dasom is my bias ruiner T^T

We are meant to be hehe ^^ aaww my little girl Dasom asdfasd♥

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wahhh~ yes twice the feels for us lol :3 who’s your bias in sistar? ^^

Since the beginning Bora, but now ‘m not sure because Soyou is ruined my life tho lol and yours? 

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Cho Kyuhyun’s picspam!(requested by chorgasm)

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same day!? nononononono T^T omg /flips table/ Ivana, wahh your name is so pretty >.< and nice too meet you too ^^

It gonna be awsome if that happened tbh but too much /sighs hehehe thank you c: 

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asoomatic: tiffany sohee sulli

Sohee - Sulli - Tiffany 

Thank you Asoom :3 

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If “PAPACITO” is not part of the fanchants imma be real pissed

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